A lens to think and reflect

The BBC is currently awash with a variety of programmes that show the aspects of life in the so-called ‘developing world’. Call it what you wish, but there are issues and the programmes help to bring complexed issues to the main stream.  ‘Blood and Oil staring Naomin Harris looks at the difficulties of the oil industry.

Another programme is ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Place for Women‘ in which Judith Wanga, a 23-year-old brought up in London from the age of 3, has her journey back to Democratic Republic of Congo filmed. Her journey shows the mix of attitudes and the many complex layers involved in conflict.

As the last section of Judith’s journey shows it is hard to put well-meant words into action , being that voice on behalf of which ever cause we feel is so voiceless. Platform 2 are working alongside Sketchbook for the 1st pop up shop which is a temporary creative space for visitors to interact with a series of Sketchbook’s contributing guest bloggers, artists, designers, illustrators and editors who are all key figures in the contemporary fashion and arts community. Running for 3 weeks at 10, Newburgh St, Carnaby, London, W1F 7RN, go down for a peak into other peoples experiences.

This just one of many platforms to express ones experience and to listen and engage in the experiences of others.  A way I share my experience and allow it to influence what I do is through my involvement in ‘Yaarah Schools‘.

Experiences can range, but it is how you use them that enables us to think and reflect.

Chocolate Delights

Most of us love chocolate

BBC Panorama: Chocolate -The Bitter Truth highlights some of the issues regarding cocoa that we may not like to think about when indulging in our sweet chocolate delights. Having worked on a cocoa farm during my experience in Kasapin, Ghana I managed to see first hand the story behind chocolate. From the Amanjaro district office to breaking cocoa pods on farms I learnt many things about cocoa in Ghana. In Kasapin the most of the children go to go to school and help out on the cocoa farm when then can.


My experience showed me the value of working together as a family in order to gain from the profits of cocoa. The story of cocoa is complexed and even though the Panorama film gives an insight into the a certain aspect of cocoa, the positive aspects are not always shown. The work towards changing the workings of cocoa practices in order to improve livelihoods is slow but steady. Interest are changing as the Cadburys advert aims to show.

Enjoy your chocolate :).

Looking forward and staying positive

The last few months of my undergraduate degree are here. It has all come so quickly and the choices ahead seem daunting, but it is important to have a positive outlook on everything or what would be the point? When life seems to be getting worse, we have to make more effort to look for the good things in life.

The situation in Haiti has shown that one’s life can change within an instant, however the overwhelming support shown world wide symbolizes the globalised world we live within. Some may argue that particular nations and ‘stars’ are helping to show their support for humanitarian causes but others argue it is also a PR opportunity to improve a nations ‘position’ on the global stage. There are ethic issues involved in the media coverage of the events in Haiti which calls for the media to understand the narrow line between getting that story and maintaining ones dignity. Whatever the reasons, the help is welcomed and the people of Haiti are strong and many look forward to rebuilding their lives and overcoming the tragedy that affected them so sddenly. The spirit of workers within  agencies such as OXFAM’s Yolette Etienne who have themselves experienced personal tragedy, sets an example of the way we should stay positive and look forward.

As many students around the world make the most of their final year as undergraduates, it is important to realise that it is possible to make a change in one’s life as long as we strive to make it. Life is what you make it, so looking negatively at situations will not help us move forward. As hard as it may sometimes seem we should look forward and help each other stay positive through all that life throws at us. Darlene Etieene is a living example of a personal fight to survive.

Dedicated to the people of Haiti and those working to make a positive change.

DCSF and DWP Social Club Event

On the 9th of December from 5 pm -9 pm the Department for Children, Schools and Families along with the Department for Work and Pensions Social Club, hosted a charity event for Yaarah Schools. This was held along side their regular quiz night. With the great help of the social club staff and the committee members of Yaarah School money was raised through, a raffle, a tombola, bar change and the selling of African Jewellery. The social club allowed us to have a round within the quiz looking at aspects of Ghana, in order to help gain interest in Yaarah Schools. Below are some of the pictures from the amazing night.











Overall £510 was raised over the night. Thank you to all that helped make the night a success and no doubt there will be another one soon!

A great start to December :)

This week has been a very busy week. I have managed to publish an article in the UEA student newspaper and I had a very successful African Jewellery and Cake sale in the HIVE. With the great help of many people a lot has been done this week. Below is the link to my article. Let me know what you think :).

Adizah Tejani Article

The pictures from the sale will be up sooooooon. But for now here is the poster :).Thank you to all that helped out this week :).



The logo for Yaarah School was finalised while I was away in Ghana. Thanks to the great efforts of the team we now have a visual representation. The progress being made has been rapid. Currently I am in the process of writing an article for the UEA Student Union newspaper Concrete, if should be published on the 1st of December hopefully. I will focus on my Platform2 experience as well as that Yaarah schools is about.

I am also doing a cake sale at the union cafe (HIVE) with the help of some friends. I hope to raise  of money for Yaarah schools and also help to publicize about what it is a bit more.

Things are coming together bit by bit and with the effort of all the committee we will achieve out ultimate aims and goals.

Here is the link to the website: http://www.yaarahschools.org/ it is a work in progress. I also have some information on here on the YAARAH SCHOOLS tab 🙂

Adizah 🙂

Return from Ghana

I have finally got back from my ten week trip in Ghana. The trip was an insight into life in Ghana that I had never experienced before. I was able to learn so much about the way life works in Ghana and enhance the knowledge that I already had. I was unable to keep up to-date with the blog as there was so little internet connection :(. However, here is a mini photo shot of what I got up to. I shall soon post un update on the Platform2 page detailing certain aspects of my trip such as my own adult education class I set up and my lessons at school. Enjoy!! 🙂

Will update again soon.



I have finally been able to work out how to use many of the features and so this blog is a work in progress. I am leaving to go and start the Platform 2 Project in Ghana for 10 weeks :). So I will try and update the the Platform 2 page as much as possible, however internet access may only be once a week.

When I get back I will be able to upload pictures, however I do not think I can while I am over in Ghana. I am looking forward to the trip as I know it will be invaluable experience.

Kids from GVS
Kids from GVS

Good luck to everyone doing Development Work Experience or Study Aboard and take care but have fun.

Bye for now



A progressive week to start with as Obama was in Ghana this weekend. I am glad he chose Ghana, but the fact that he is in Africa means, his messages are for us all around the world.

I shall start to piece this all together as soon as possible. I need a bit of time to get the hang of it all :).