Looking forward and staying positive

The last few months of my undergraduate degree are here. It has all come so quickly and the choices ahead seem daunting, but it is important to have a positive outlook on everything or what would be the point? When life seems to be getting worse, we have to make more effort to look for the good things in life.

The situation in Haiti has shown that one’s life can change within an instant, however the overwhelming support shown world wide symbolizes the globalised world we live within. Some may argue that particular nations and ‘stars’ are helping to show their support for humanitarian causes but others argue it is also a PR opportunity to improve a nations ‘position’ on the global stage. There are ethic issues involved in the media coverage of the events in Haiti which calls for the media to understand the narrow line between getting that story and maintaining ones dignity. Whatever the reasons, the help is welcomed and the people of Haiti are strong and many look forward to rebuilding their lives and overcoming the tragedy that affected them so sddenly. The spirit of workers within  agencies such as OXFAM’s Yolette Etienne who have themselves experienced personal tragedy, sets an example of the way we should stay positive and look forward.

As many students around the world make the most of their final year as undergraduates, it is important to realise that it is possible to make a change in one’s life as long as we strive to make it. Life is what you make it, so looking negatively at situations will not help us move forward. As hard as it may sometimes seem we should look forward and help each other stay positive through all that life throws at us. Darlene Etieene is a living example of a personal fight to survive.

Dedicated to the people of Haiti and those working to make a positive change.