Chocolate Delights

Most of us love chocolate

BBC Panorama: Chocolate -The Bitter Truth highlights some of the issues regarding cocoa that we may not like to think about when indulging in our sweet chocolate delights. Having worked on a cocoa farm during my experience in Kasapin, Ghana I managed to see first hand the story behind chocolate. From the Amanjaro district office to breaking cocoa pods on farms I learnt many things about cocoa in Ghana. In Kasapin the most of the children go to go to school and help out on the cocoa farm when then can.


My experience showed me the value of working together as a family in order to gain from the profits of cocoa. The story of cocoa is complexed and even though the Panorama film gives an insight into the a certain aspect of cocoa, the positive aspects are not always shown. The work towards changing the workings of cocoa practices in order to improve livelihoods is slow but steady. Interest are changing as the Cadburys advert aims to show.

Enjoy your chocolate :).