A lens to think and reflect

The BBC is currently awash with a variety of programmes that show the aspects of life in the so-called ‘developing world’. Call it what you wish, but there are issues and the programmes help to bring complexed issues to the main stream.  ‘Blood and Oil staring Naomin Harris looks at the difficulties of the oil industry.

Another programme is ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Place for Women‘ in which Judith Wanga, a 23-year-old brought up in London from the age of 3, has her journey back to Democratic Republic of Congo filmed. Her journey shows the mix of attitudes and the many complex layers involved in conflict.

As the last section of Judith’s journey shows it is hard to put well-meant words into action , being that voice on behalf of which ever cause we feel is so voiceless. Platform 2 are working alongside Sketchbook for the 1st pop up shop which is a temporary creative space for visitors to interact with a series of Sketchbook’s contributing guest bloggers, artists, designers, illustrators and editors who are all key figures in the contemporary fashion and arts community. Running for 3 weeks at 10, Newburgh St, Carnaby, London, W1F 7RN, go down for a peak into other peoples experiences.

This just one of many platforms to express ones experience and to listen and engage in the experiences of others.  A way I share my experience and allow it to influence what I do is through my involvement in ‘Yaarah Schools‘.

Experiences can range, but it is how you use them that enables us to think and reflect.

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  1. I watched the ‘blood and oil’ program and thought that it was a very good insight and portrayal of some of the problems in that region. I think it is good that the BBC are trying to highlight such things.

    Keep up your own good work to highlight the issues in these countries!

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