Yesterday, I attended the speech of Andrew Mitchell at Oxfam’s 21st Century Aid report launch event, at the Royal Society in London. Here is a link to some of his main points. He also answered some of the questions posed to him by OXFAM supporters. One of which was my own focused on awareness raising. My concern was about who is expected to fill the gap and continue in increasing the knowledge of the British public regarding understanding development issues in a holistic way? Is it not the governments role to help improve knowledge through effective awareness raising to increase the understanding of where tax payers money is going and being spent? £55,000 has been cut from music stalls at festivals, this is an avenue for many young people to get a better understanding of development issues, which is equally as important for a holistic approach to aid and development. Here is his response:

Development awareness is important. It was a DFID scheme Platform 2 which helps increase awareness that allowed me to get a better understanding of development issues first hand. It is important that something fills the gap for awareness raising as how is the tax payer meant to understand where their money is going without the information and knowledge to do so properly.

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  1. I completely agree with you. I was shocked by the news that all DFID funding for UK global awareness was cut with the reason being that DFIDs money needs to go directly to the people who need it the most i.e. in the Global South. However we know that its structures that are keeping people poor and Aid is only a short term solution. Now schools, NGOs and individuals have even more pressure on them to do all of the global awareness needed so people will challenge systems keeping poor people poor. I will still try my best to remind people of our global neighbours but I’m exhausted and upset our Government wont support us in this job

    1. Thanks for the comment Sarah. I guess the next few months will show what the real agenda is for this new government. I guess it will fall onto the Third Sector to do more and maybe look at other avenues to fund this as many of the leading UK NGO have huge budget support from the government. Keep up the good work it is hard but in the long run it pays off.

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